Sydney Hapkido Academy

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Hapkido Principles

Sydney Hapkido Academy® has clear objectives:

1. Providing instruction in a safe environment in the martial art of Hapkido.

2. Developing the mental and physical tools for improving personal safety and security.

3. Promotion of good health and vitality.

4. Development of positive self-confidence and self-esteem.

5. Development of a person as a positive role model in the community.

6. Creating expertise in confrontation management.

7. Pro-active crime prevention through increased awareness and positive attitudes.

8. Developing healthy attitudes and values like humbleness and perserverance.

All people participating in a class or course conducted by Academy must agree to be bound by this code of conduct. The Sydney Hapkido Academy® reserves the right to make amendments or additions to this code of conduct at any time.


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