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Andrew Rosengaus (Instructor)

Qualified as 3rd Dan in Hapkido- Korea Hapkido Federation and 1st Dan in Hapkiyusul (Yong Sul Kwan) he has been recognised for his outstanding skill, knowledge, dedication and contribution to the art. Andrew has met and trained with some very influential and important people in Hapkido including Professor Don Jacobs, Master Kwang Sik Myung, Fari Salievski, Master Mathew Kim, Sr. John Espinosa, Master Chon Wu Li, Master Sun Soo Lee, Dojunim Kim Yun Sang, and Grandmaster Hyun-soo Lim

Andrew has a long standing specialised teaching experience of 22 years. His proficiency in teaching extends to instructing children and adults of diverse ages within small and large class sizes. Tailored programs formulated for students in personal training sessions authenticate and contribute towards student success with personal goals being achieved quickly and easily.

His allegiance to Hapkido is reflected through disciplined and rigorous training. Subsequently, students are guaranteed of being provided with state of the art training under the leadership of an authentic, knowledgable and professional Hapkido instructor who also likes to learn and progress in Hapkido any way he can.


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